Logo Design

Creating a Brand

Logo design is about distilling the essence of your business and putting into a symbol, then pairing that symbol with a colour scheme and a set of fonts.

Our logo design service is very personal as we’re incredibly passionate when it comes to your visual brand.

The style of logo design can depend on where you plan to use the graphics, both now, and in the future. Some of our designs can be quite intricate, but we always strive to make sure that the logo works in its simplest form too. By doing this, we ensure that logo looks great, whether it is on social media pages, websites, clothing, shop frontages and business stationery.

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Logo Design Process

The process starts with a conversation that allows us to gain a full understanding of what it is that you do and, what you want your brand to say about your business. We’ll listen to any ideas that you may have about the design or colour schemes, and then we’ll go away and use this information to create roughly half a dozen different concepts.

After reviewing the designs, we’ll take your feedback on board and develop the ideas further. At the end of the process, you will have business will have a great looking logo design! But it doesn’t stop there.As part of our graphic design branding package, we will also work with you to choose a set of colours, for both your digital and printed materials.

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