Google Presents the New Scentsation in Search (April Fools’)

They’ve come into our eyes, our ears and our mouths but Google is about to come in our noses with a new form of scent technology, of course, it is just one in a long list of Google April Fool’s hoaxes.

Currently ‘Google Nose’ is in Beta and uses data gathered from Street Sense vehicles that have been quietly roaming the world for the past two months.

Of course, this ‘innovation’ is another on of Google’s like clockwork April fools gags and as a special treat this Easter Monday, here’s a history of previous Google pranks.

A History of Google April Fools’ Day Jokes

2000: Google ‘MentalPlex’ allowed you to search the web with the power of your mind Google April Fools' MentalPlex

2002: Google reveals the shocking truth about the way pages are ranked. An army of IT savvy  pigeons!Google Piegions

2004: Google expands its presence to the moon and advertises jobs to help with its intergalactic expansionGogole Moon

2005: Google Gulp, the drink with a built in DNA scanner promises that ‘you’ll never run out of ways to quench for thirst for knowledge!”Google Gulp

2006: Google goes after the romance market with a tool that allows you to uploads multiple variations of your profile so you pursue multiple partners!TiSP

2007: Google Introduces TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider) which gave users a free wireless broadband service using their toilet. Sadly the service was never available outside the US.XXX

2008: YouTube finally gave the world what it wanted, 24/7 Rick Astley. When users clicked on any video they would be directed to “Never gonna give you up”Ricky Astley

2009: Google Chrome goes 3D, sadly the world wasn’t quite ready for the technology so Google sheepishly reverted to the 2D version of their browser.Chrome 3D

2010: Google tires of their name and thus changes is to ‘Topeka’Google Topeka

2011: Google bucked the trend by changing the font on all of their products to the controversial Comic Sans.Google Comic Sans

2012: Google made a massive improvement to their regional weather search adding a feature that actually allowed users to change the weather.Google Weather

The thing about these jokes is that, nothing is really preposterous for Google. Who walked into the boardroom and said “I want to make an interactive virtual tour, of the entire world!” or “lets scan in every single book in existence”? Adobe actually patented smell technology many years ago so who knows…