Freelance Graphic and Website Design

Freelance Designer

Creative studios and agencies often use freelancers to cater to specific requirements that are not workable with their in-house staff. They also look to freelance designers for temporary reinforcement during busy periods or projects. This work can be for a couple of hours or several weeks.

As well as heading The Big Dot Company, I also offer freelance graphic design and website design services to creative studios and agencies in the UK.

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Freelance Graphic Design

If you’re looking for a freelance graphic designer to work in your studio, I am equally comfortable on Mac (OSX) and PC (Windows) and have can work from my own laptop if required. I’m experienced in working with digital, print and motion graphics using the key Adobe CS programs as well as Quark.

Freelance Website Design

As a freelance website designer, I am well versed in HTML + CSS, and I have a reasonable grasp of PHP and JavaScript. I do a lot of work with WordPress. I have created my own framework for clean responsive design, which I then turned into a WordPress theme.

About Me

I run a blog called The Creative Chair which is a growing digital tome of interviews with brilliant creative minds. I am extremely passionate about creativity. I have known a great many people who began their designs careers full of passion, only to have loose that drive and for design to become just a job. Staying in touch with some of the world’s most creative people drives me to stay passionate and to keep improving and innovating.

I enjoy coming in to work for studios because I get to experience different ways of working and learn new things.

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