Bill Gates to Design the Next Generation of Condom

Condom? The Microsoft Billionaire aims to solve the classic hard drive issue

Whilst Millions of people are eagerly awaiting the next generation of Microsoft’s Xbox console, Bill Gates is offering $100,000 to anyone who can develop the next generation of condom!

Bill Gates Condom

Track back a few hundred years and condoms were made out of sheep intestines. Casanova called them his ‘assurance caps’ but since the 1930’s condoms haven’t progressed much at all. Widely regarded as a device that dulls sensation, The Gates foundation wants to see a new breed of rubber condom that has all of the benefits of the current versions but with none of the failings.


The initiative aims to vastly reduce the amount of campers pitching a tent without a sleeping bag and the money incentive is bound to stimulate a number of budding product designers to pick up their pencils and rubbers.

For those who play seriously

Though the condom subject isn’t as slick as designing the next big thing in lumbar support, whoever cracks it will surely be able to penetrate the market and avoid being ribbed by their peers!