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A website is your digital premises, and first impressions count. Big Dot have assisted numerous companies in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire with their website design and development requirements and helped them to get noticed.

The Big Dot Company has been designing websites since 1997, so we don’t just stay on top of developments on the web, we’re always working so that the web sites that we design stay ahead of the curve, so you don’t end up needing a new one 12 months down the line.

For many industries, there are now more people logging onto websites from mobile phones and tablets, than from laptops or desktop computers. That’s why our web services are fully optimised and responsive for use on any device, as standard.

We can offer simple brochure websites, to extensive online shops with thousands of products. We can design websites with advanced features, such as dynamic booking forms and interactive maps. As well as being fully mobile and search engine optimised (SEO), we also offer a free website checkup after 12 months.

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WordPress website design

WordPress Website Design

An increasing number of our clients have asked for websites that they can edit and add too themselves. If they have an existing website, we can incorporate a content management system into it. For new websites, we normally recommend WordPress. WordPress is an immensely popular content management system, which powers increasingly large chunk of the web.

WordPress has many benefits. Its popularity means there are a plethora of third-party plugins available, which can often cut down development costs if you require an advanced feature which is partially or entirely available already via a plugin. Similarly, clients with a smaller budget can save money by choosing a premade template as a basis for their new site.

Out of the box, WordPress allows you to add pages and blog posts or edit existing content, with a familiar and easy to use admin area, which we are able to provide training and support for, if required.

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Ecommerce website design

Online Shops /Ecommerce Websites

The Big Dot Company has helped establish online shops for a range of businesses, including an artisanal, handmade jewellery maker, selling a small amount of products; a start-up software developer, selling their products as a digital download; and a large home appliance retailer, selling thousands of products.

There is an e-commerce solution to suit your requirements and budget. We can incorporate an online shop into your existing website, or set up brand WooCommerce new shop and help you to list your products on Google shopping and other price comparison sites.

Our passion is designing web sites, designed around you.

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Event Websites

Event Websites

Our bespoke event website packages can help to handle many of the digital requirements of organising an event, such as ticket booking / online entry system, selling event merchandise online and converting visitors to customers.

Talk to us today to find out how an affordable event website can increase exposure and handle much of the digital admin that is involved with organising an event.

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Website Design Case Studies

Here at Big Dot, we know that no two website design projects are the same. The web is evolving, and our customers often require website features that would once have been considered advanced. All of our website designs are responsive, which means they adapt to work on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. Also, the majority of our websites have an integrated content management system, which allows our clients to log in and make changes to their own site.

The following case studies give a good example of web design projects on various scales.


Silversmith LogoClient: Jane T
Business type: Handmade Jewellery
Requirements: Website design with online shop
Budget: Low

Project Intro

We had already worked with Jane, creating the logo and brand for her fledgeling Cheltenham jewellery business. Jane had a small budget for a new website, which she wanted to use to provide details about what she did, as well as a gallery and contact information. This type of design is commonly referred to as a brochure website.

Looking Ahead

Further down the line, Jane wanted to start selling her products through the website, so it was important that her site could easily incorporate a shop at a later stage. We designed Jane’s website using WordPress, a content management system that has a broad range of free plugins that can be added at any time.

Keeping Costs Down

Because Jane’s budget was low, we used an existing WordPress theme template. The advantage of using a template is that they can be purchased for a low cost, and they have generally already benefited from 100+ hours of developments. The disadvantage of a pre-made template is that it is less personal than a website that has been designed from scratch. Despite this, it is important to remember that templates can still be adapted and changed to a user’s needs, either at the time of development or further down the line. With this in mind, the only real drawback to using an existing WordPress theme is that at some point, you are likely to come across another company using the same template as you.

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Appliance LogoClient: Ian S
Business type: Home appliances repair service
Requirements: Website design with advanced booking form
Budget: Medium

Project Intro

We had already worked with Ian, refreshing his brand for his home appliances retail business in Cheltenham. We went on to create him an extensive online shop with hundreds of products. His company also offers an appliance repair service and following the success of his online e-commerce site, and he wanted to improve the presence and functionality of the repair arm of the business.

Unique Requirements

We designed Ian’s retail website using OpenCart but chose to design the repair site using WordPress. Ian wanted people to be able to book repairs online using a form that was simple to use but highly functional. We modified an existing form creation plugin to give the booking form the features it needed. The form allows customers to select the brand and type of appliance that needs repairing. They enter their postcode, and the form allows them to choose a date and time from a date picker that dynamically checks the availability of Ian’s engineers. The form then automatically calculates the cost of the callout and gives the user the option to confirm the booking.


WordPress is incredibly popular, and as such, there is a broad range of plugins, many of which are free. This often gives us the option to add advanced functionality to a website design project at a low cost. Even though Ian required something very specific, we were able to use an existing plugin for 90% of the projects functionality.



Clinic LogoClient: Rick M
Business type: National Chain of Cosmetic Clinics
Requirements: Several websites, online shop and contracts system.
Budget: High

Project Intro

We created the brand from scratch for Rick’s Cheltenham company, which then went on to become a successful national brand and franchise. We designed the website to be highly expandable to cater for the new features required for the growing business.


What began as one website has become an expanse of satellite websites which provide information and services to different regions of the UK while utilising the functionality of the original flagship sites. The brand has become a franchise, with a range of clinics across the nation. Each clinic needs its own site which can be updated by different people. The brand has also launched a shop and a range of pioneering cosmetic machines. When working on a rapidly brand of this scale, we work hard to ensure that the websites maintain brand consistency. The design and features are regularly adapted and expanded as the brand grows.

Advanced Features

The websites that we design for Rick’s brand focus on providing a visually appealing resource of information on the services that the clinics provides, with an onus on generating enquiries in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated.

As well as the core websites, we have also designed an online shop and advanced contracts system. The contracts system is for internal use by the clinics staff. It provides a facility for patients to provide essential information before their treatment and digitally sign a legally binding form which then synchs digitally via Dropbox. Previously, all of the clinics used paper forms whereas this new system means that all of the important documents are stored on the cloud, where they are accessible from anywhere.

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