Katrin Korfmann – “My final image is a total fiction, involving dislocation, recombination and redirection.”

Photography and art from a different perspective with Katrin Korfmann.

This week The Creative Chair is in Amsterdam talking with the talented photographer and digital artist Katrin Korfmann.

Katrin is best known for her highly detailed composite aerial photography. The aspect of her work which I particularly like is how the images function beautifully at a glance, but can also be delved into like a book. As such, it can be difficult not to get a little lost in the images without even realising.

The images that accompany this interview will give you a taste of Katrin Korfmann, but we strongly recommend you check out her website, where you can zoom in on many of the images in order to appreciate their incredible detail.

HomoLudens - Katrin Korfmann

What draws you to the aerial perspective for your photography?

A common element in my photographs or installations is the monochromatic backdrop, which I refer to as ‘space zero’. Because my photographs are often taken from the zenith, the ground forms a solid coloured background, like a canvas or a backdrop in a photo studio. A stage set, ready for a play to start.

I intend to focus all attention on the people, without being preoccupied by the specifics of cultural background or location. The aerial perspective allows me to exclude the surroundings: architecture and any reference to a specific location.

Alongside this view is ideal for observation: one becomes the invisible voyeur, the photographer and the viewer of an artwork alike.


Your photos are often not just one shot, but many combined into a singular, fascinating vista. Aside from being more visually engaging, what are you going for when you put these images together?

My final image is a total fiction, involving dislocation, recombination and redirection. By using many impressions of one location merged into the final photograph, I want to recreate the experience that I have in my mind.

Katrin Korfmann

Why do you like to display your work in a large-scale format?

My work is extremely detailed. Within the large- scale format the viewer can zoom in and out by moving toward and further away from the artwork and experience it on different levels.


What is the one place on earth that you would most like to photograph in this style?

Hollywood Studios

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song what would that song be?

Sonata in B minor, K 27 (Allegro) Domenico Scarlatti & David Greilsammer

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