Irina Emelyanova – “An authentic brand should be based on a strong and clear concept”

The Creative Chair talks to graphic designer Irina Emelyanova

This week The Creative Chair is in St Petersburg where we’re talking to the exceptionally talented Irina Emelyanova about branding.

Irina has worked on some amazing branding and packaging projects and the way that the work is presented is almost as impressive as the designs themselves.

We strongly recommend you follow Irina Emelyanova on Behance to see what she does next.

Bunny Hill

Bunny Hill Cards

Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do.

My name is Irina Emelyanova. At the moment I work as a senior designer. The preferable creative fields are brand identity and web design. In my spare time, I enjoy doing various kinds of sports activities: snowboarding, swimming, yoga. My job is a great pleasure for me. Certainly, it takes a lot of time and demands many efforts, but I really love doing it.


What is your process when approaching a branding project?

My workflow starts with deep brand research; its values and history. This analytical stage helps to establish a brand visual concept.

Irina Emelyanova -Caffè Pagani

It is a start point for further development of ideas about creating a logotype, graphic details, materials and production techniques. I believe that an authentic brand should be based on a strong and clear concept.

Paintkillers Tattoo Club

For example, brand identity for Paintkillers Tattoo Club was built on the idea of the club for real men, who rated tattoo art very highly. The brand image is courageous, strong and powered with inks.

Paintkillers Tattoo Club

For the logo design, we used complex composition with the old style typography. To communicate the idea of the club, the logo was complemented with a monogram, symbol of the people union. Black colour textured paper with laser engraving, sharp needles and ink stains it’s all about Paintkillers Tattoo Club.

Who / what are your creative inspirations?

I get inspired by design fields, as well in music, Russian classical literature, nature, talented people. A perfect example for me is my partner Pavel Emelyanov, who works a lot himself and supports me.

Caffè Pagani Cards
Caffè Pagani Packaging

What is your favourite professional project and why?

Now, me and Pavel work on really magnificent project for TypeType Foundry. This is a team of talented and passionate people, who have been creating fonts for many years. It was a big challenge for me to create a logotype for type foundry! Definitely, our collaboration with TypeType is therefore mutually enriching.

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

‘My Love’ by Elvis Presley. And only in his performance.

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