Ilyas Bentaleb – “Looking always for new trends and inspiration everywhere”

Talking design and illustration with Ilyas Bentaleb

This week The Creative Chair is in Algiers talking with Ilyas Bentaleb about his illustration work and the design industry in Algeria. You can see more from Ilyas on Behance and Dribble.

Ilyas Bentaleb

Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do:

I’m a 6727 Pixels Tall multidisciplinary designer from Relizane, Algeria and I’m 21 years old.

Aarhus European City of Culture 2017

I used to draw a lot back when I was a child, and I had a lot of interest in video games and computers. I was 11 when I discovered graphic design and I fell in love because it combined creativity and Art in a digital way, so it fitted my interests.

I started learning photoshop at first then I got to discover the rest of Adobe software, so I jumped to Illustrator then. I started animating my assets on After Effects for the last year.

I consider design as a lifestyle. Looking always for new trends and inspiration everywhere. Passionate about illustration and visual development besides working in various fields and subjects to solve multiple problems, especially making the brands flexible as much as possible.

Connect Collaborate Create

What is the creative community like in Relizane and Algeria as a whole?

I’m from Oued Rhiou city. I love to call it Rhiou Valley because Oued means “valley” in Arabic so, it’s inspired from the famous Silicon Valley because my city has some great talents in the design and IT field such as Missoum Said and Yasser Cherifi.


And to be honest, the creative community in my area is not that wide. As I mentioned earlier, there are just a few, so I had to move to the capital, Algiers to start working for “Allegorie Groupe” which is one of the best agencies in the country. I chose Algiers because it has a big creative community with a good exposure.

Venus Project

Which of your projects is your favourite and why?

Actually, my favourite project is “Max and Antonia: The change makers”, it’s a novel inspired by a true story that recounts the daily struggle of two young folks, so I was hired to design the book cover, and I really enjoyed working on it because It illustrates nearly the same challenges that I faced and face still.

Max and Antonia

Who and/or what has inspired your visual style?

I Search for inspiration everywhere but, if we’re talking about persons, they would definitely be Maria Grønlund and Romain Trystram. They are design icons and so authentic in using colours, proportion and perspectives besides the amount of details in their work and illustrations.

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

Haha nice question, I’ll choose: Avelino- Energy

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