Hermes Mazali “every designer should share their process”

We talk to Hermes Mazali about design, branding and personal projects.

This week The Creative Chair is in Buenos Aires, Argentina where we’re talking to Hermes Mazali, a graphic designer with a remarkable talent for branding.

You can see more work from Hermes Mazali on his website and Behance portfolio, which we recommend that you check out as they feature some inspirational projects.

Hermes Mazali self branding

How did you get involved in design and branding?

I never knew I would end up doing design and branding. I was always a movie lover. I love movies, and I wanted to be a film director. But the laps of life left me doing design.

I started working in a branding agency. My first jobs were with Nestlé. There I was able to take a great knowledge of the local and international market and generate interest in the development of brands.

With the passage of time, I was optimising my branding process. I always try to be very conceptual in my work and generate formulas for the design process. Today I try to unify the design with illustration and branding. Almost all of my work includes the development of iconography and illustration.

Pablo Sibi

Many of your Behance projects demonstrate your process as well as the finished product. Why do you think it is important to share this additional information?

I do not think it’s additional information. I think every designer should share their process. I believe that knowledge is something to share, especially in brand processes. The design is a way of thinking, so I like to show the thinking behind the end result. This helps others to observe how you think and how you do your jobs.

Kindness USA
Kindness USA
Kindness USA process

What is your favourite personal project and why?

My favourite job is Tribute to Gustavo Cerati. It is a personal collection of albums dedicated to Gustavo Cerati. A musician who admired his work a lot. In this work, I was able to find the concept and the graphic result that I wanted. It is a personal project in which I have been working for months. I was fortunate to bring this project to an exhibition on musical discs. I still try to take him to other exhibitions.

Gustavo Cerati
Gustavo Cerati

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song what would that song be?

This song: Magia by Gustavo Cerati

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