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The Creative Chair is a large and ever-growing collection of exclusive interviews with some of the World’s top creative people. Previous participants include:

Equal time is also given to previously unheard creative voices who have demonstrated enormous skill and have the potential to inspire others.

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The Creative Chair is a unique resource, useful to those wishing to gain insight into the creative industries, as well as almanack of inspiration for all.

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The interviews span a diverse range of visually creative disciplines, from graphic designers to taxidermy artists, and projects that use pioneering technologies, to the traditionalists demonstrating the timelessness of their medium.

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Helping Others

The Creative Chair is not for profit, and we support the Circus Starr charity which helps to provide the support workers necessary to enable thousands of disadvantaged, physically challenged or vulnerable children to have a fun day out at the circus each year.

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These trailblazers have donated their time to share their knowledge with the creative community and help support the charities that The Creative Chair benefits.

The last question they are asked is always the same, and the full playlist can be found on Spotify and YouTube.

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