Apple Macs no longer used for graphic design

Surprising new statistics published on Apple’s Website

The iconic Apple Mac has been with us for 30 years and to mark that occasion Apple has published an interactive tribute on their site.

mac 30 years

The tribute is a guide to the machines over the years with an onus on who used them and for what purpose.  Users can enter details about their first Mac and those statistics are aggregated and can be viewed as an interactive Venn diagram which shows how specific machines were (are) used as well as a chronological report which illustrates how Macs have been used from 1984 to 2013.


A shift in Apple Mac usage

The Apple Mac has long been synonymous with graphic design and desktop publishing however the statistics shown on the site suggest that in recent years the machines are used primarily for internet and email with graphic design and desktop publishing disappearing from the Venn diagram all together.

apple timeline

Over time user behaviour will inevitably change so it is no surprise that internet and email has developed a much larger usage share in recent years and despite these statistics, you only need to walk into a design agency at random to see that the Apple Mac are still the weapon of choice for most career pixel pushers.