Alexei Sovertkov – “Finishing the project usually brings a sense of freedom and relief”

We talk to Alexei Sovertkov about life, photography and his cat.

The week The Creative Chair is in Moscow, Russia with photographer Alexei Sovertkov whose portfolio features an abstract, enigmatic and eclectic range of imagery that that will peak your curiosity and exercise your imagination. We caught up with him to find out a little more about his work.

You can see more of Alexei’s work on Behance.

Alexei Sovertkov

Hi Alexei, could you tell us a little more about yourself and what you do?

I live in Moscow and work in the industry of photography and education. I’ve been into photography for all my life, whereas I started with Astrophotography when I was a teenager and eventually became interested in people as photographic objects.

Temptation of Void

Many of your projects feature the same hairless cat. What’s the story behind that?

As for my cat Gabriella, she’s my muse! I make her portraits quite often, at least once a year. And it’s not only because of her alien appearance, I’m also enchanted by her personality and contradictory character. She’s so many-sided, as a diamond, and I try to enlighten all the facets.

Longhair Play

Most of your projects are not accompanied by an explanation. Is this because you like people to draw their own conclusions?

And yes, I prefer to put multi-level messages into my works without accompanying explanation because of political correctness matter.

Humanity Detected

Of which of your projects are you most proud?

There aren’t any. Finishing the project usually brings a sense of freedom and relief. It’s like achieving some new level, losing your interest in the previous one; New challenge appears, as well as the temptation to master it in the most elegant manner.

In Vacuo

Finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

That would be “I wish” by Infected Mushroom

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