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About Us

About The Big Dot Company

Hi I’m Will. I began designing digitally back in 1998. A lot has changed since the mid-nineties, especially in terms of website design and development. I’ve always strived to stay on the cutting edge of technology and I favour the clean, modern ‘Swiss’ style of design. These are two of the key ethos behind The Big Dot Company.

After obtaining a First Class Honours Degree in graphic design, I worked as a freelance designer for a number of high profile studios. I learned a lot from these experiences but I thought it was unfair that small businesses had to pay the overheads of large studios in order to get ‘studio quality’ design. That’s why The Big Dot Company is streamlined, with minimal overheads. Now businesses in Cheltenham can get ‘studio quality’ design, without the hefty price tag that normally goes along with it. We also offer something that design studios don’t, and that’s a 24/7 service.

Creative Studio

Bad design is everywhere. Too often people who are genuinely passionate about their business, fail to recognise the importance of high quality graphic design. This is unfortunate for them, but great news for our clients, who stand out from the crowd with strikingly designed logos, graphics and websites. I also offer freelance design services to studios and agencies.

Mission Statement

The Big Dot Company is passionate about working with businesses in Cheltenham. Our mission statement is simple:

  • Match the passion of our client
  • Find a visual solution
  • Understand and grow the brand

About The Digital Community

I attend regular conferences and seminars on digital design, and over the years I have collected a very solid foundation of trusted collaborators, who have allowed me to diversify the services that I offer, without spreading myself too thinly. I also founded the Midlands Digital Marketers group, a 800+ member organisation that hosts regular free meetings and talks for digital marketers. Having this facility has allowed me to stay on the forefront of digital marketing developments and has enabled me to give back to the digital community.

We publish weekly articles on our blog, which is a free resource for the creative community. The Big Dot Company is also the home to The Creative Chair, which features exclusive weekly interviews with some of the most interesting creative people in the World, including:

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  • Several World’s first in digital media
  • Award winning designs
  • First Class Honours Degree in Graphic Design
  • Founder of the Midlands Digital Marketers group
  • Founder of The Creative Chair charity
  • Supporter of the Circus Star charity
  • Published on the WordPress repository
  • Work featured on numerous sites including Abduzeedo